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Albassem for general Construction and supply provides project management, engineering, procurement and construction services on a global basis for large-scale projects in the Oil & Gas, Power, & Architecture civil works and Industrial Plants sectors.

Our professionals worldwide, backed by 11 years of experience, are committed to the development of timely and competitive solutions to complex project requirements, complying with the highest industry quality and safety standards, while protecting the environment and promoting the development of local communities.


Our mission is to provide our shareholders and customers with value through the provisioning of engineering services, procurement, construction, operation and management of infrastructure, industrial and power projects.

 We consider the empowerment of our human resources to be fundamental in building a permanent knowledge base. We are committed to our employees' safety and the development of the countries we work in, seeking the well-being of those communities and caring for the environment.


To be the recognized as the leading Engineering and Construction company for its work method, technology and human resources competences.


Commitment to the safety of people, environmental care and community development.


1.     Local roots and respect for cultural diversity in the context of a business overview

2.     Human resources development and knowledge building

3.     Management transparency and professionalism

4.     Emphasis on processes and predictability




Our History:


In over 11 years, Albassem general Construction and supply has executed more projects across countries. These are large-scale industrial works that have accompanied the growth and development countries.


2005           2007         2009             2011         2013           2015            NOW

Our projects:


-      Construction of 2 storage oil tanks for PETROBEL country Egypt

-      Huge drain line for production of tanks for BONATTI country Libya

-      Supply and Hot insulation for line 45 Kilo meter for PETROBEL country Egypt

-      Construction of large storage tanks    for BONATTI country Iraq

-      Supply , fabrication, erection of 3 fuel oil tanks (1500/ton ) for ABB  country Egypt

-      Installation of substation for Sumeed station country Egypt

-      Stainless and carbon steel pipe lines for BAMAG  country Libya



-      Erection paint ting and sand blasting of a fixed roof storage tank for Nafoora  BONATTI SPA COUNTRY LIBYA

-      Manpower supply for installation of 2 double shell tanks L.N.G PLANT FOR Tanko spa country Mexico

-      Erection and installation of 9 oil and water tanks ISSARAN petroleum field for ISSARAN petroleum field  country Egypt

-      Erection and installation of five water tanks including sandblasting and painting BONATTI SPA VEBO oil operation country Libya




Onshore Maintenance:

We provide an integrated maintenance services (Global Maintenance), utilizing the latest maintenance techniques and best practice to cover the complete package of our client's facilities such as equipment, tools, buildings, etc… through a long term contracts controlled by Pre-set KPI's (availability, reliability, HSE, etc…) to ensure the optimum performance of maintenance implementation.

Albassem general Construction and supply has Well trained who had gained the various maintenance technologies by dealing/handling a diversity of process types Oil, Gas, LNG, etc… with its related operation techniques and safety hazards inside the Oil & Gas sector and outside Oil & Gas, industrial sector, etc…

Offshore Maintenance:

The strategic significance of obtaining a share of the offshore business, Albassem general Construction and supply has been successful in penetrating this market goal driven by the experienced human resources of the newly established department devoted to this purpose. The efforts yielded awarded contracts as detailed, & further opportunities are under development with other offshore asset owners.

Consultancy of Manpower:

Our personnel are our true and most valuable asset; motivated workforce is our passport to success.

We succeeded to gain the trust of our clients and managed to expand our database of specialized and professional staff of all disciplines including Nationals & Expats to fulfill client needs. The experienced and high qualified personnel are one of the main assets and means to fulfill our client requests.

AlBassem engineering services blend practical experience with the latest advances in technical and standards aspects utilizing a pool of resources.


Scope of Application:

  • Piping and Layout

  • Electrical
  • Instrument Controls
  • Civil/Structural and Architecture
  • Pipeline and Stress Analysis
  • Materials Specifications and Data Sheets
  • Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels



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